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Guided Snorkel Tour- Blue Heron Bridge

Quick Details

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Location: 900 E Blue Heron Blvd
  • This tour is perfect for small intimate groups (up to 8 people). Larger groups can be accommodated, please call ahead of time for availability.
  • Take in the magnificent scenes of one Florida’s best snorkeling spots and one of the top shore dive destinations in the world!
  • Easy beach access shore dive
  • Must be at least 8 years old with adequate swimming skills.
Person Ages 8+

Our experienced dive instructors will guide you on a snorkel tour of the magnificent Blue Heron Bridge. The world famous snorkel trail, is located under the Blue Heron Bridge just south of Phil Foster Park’s beach, 200 feet offshore, and is accessible for every level, ranging in depth from six to 10 feet. The sights inland location is protected by barrier islands, creating a nursery like environment full of life and free of wind, waves and current. Popular for even advanced Scuba divers but perfect for beginners, who are taking to the water with just a mask, snorkel and fins, the trail is a true treasure—not too taxing of a swim and shallow enough to ease anxiety but populated enough to get a sense of Phil Foster Park’s vast biodiversity and capture a shot of some of the rare fish species scurrying about.

The design of the reef trail mimics a barrier reef, skirting along the shore, with breaks in between structure and mounds, making individual havens for fish and invertebrates to call their own. Starting with smaller rocks and boulders, Large rocks on top create crevices, ledges and nooks for sea critters and fish to proliferate. These larger rock piles, 15 in all, were spread as far as 50 feet apart, allowing the reef to run for 800 feet. Interspersed throughout are smaller, more discrete rock piles, connecting the dots. Additionally, six concrete reef modules, about five by seven feet in size and sculpted to resemble sponges and coral, punctuate the reef tract. Adding to the reef, older artificial structure like sunken boat, and other manmade debris offer additional snorkel spots—the shopping carts are a pretty cool sight. All of this adds to one of the most diversely populated sites in Palm Beach County—up to 300 species have been counted here.

What to expect

Plan to arrive a few minutes early as parking can reach capacity near peak times. Upon arrival, a brief introduction and overview will be held, guests will be fitted for snorkel gear and oriented with the layouts of the reef. Your snorkel guide will join you and point out tropical fish, coral formations, turtles, stingrays, seahorses and maybe even a fascinating octopus.

Palm Beach’s great snorkeling is a direct result of the Gulf Stream, which comes closest to the U.S. mainland near the Lake Worth inlet. Twice a day, with the incoming tide, the Stream flushes Lake Worth with clear, warm Caribbean waters. The best snorkeling visibility is an hour-2 hours or so before the high tide to approximately 2 hours after the time of high tide. High tide occurs at a different time everyday, for this reason tours are scheduled for optimal visibility and tide.

Add Ons

  • $15 for rental snorkel gear (mask, snorkel and fins). Guests are welcome to bring their own snorkel gear.
  • $20 wetsuit rental
  • $25 for photo pack (guest will receive 20 or more high quality images and videos from tour)