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Jet Ski Rentals

Quick Details

30 Minute Rental (Ages 18+)
60 Minute Rental (Ages 18+)
2 Hour Rental (Ages 18+)
3 Hour Rental (Ages 18+)
4 Hour Rental (Ages 18+)

Go Jet-skiing in West Palm Beach


30 Minutes to Four Hour Rentals

Additional Details

How old do I have to be to rent a Jet Ski/Waverunner?

Florida State Law states that PWC rental business (that’s us) must not rent to anyone under the age of 18 years. (all drivers must be 18 or older to rent with proper ID) If the driver is born AFTER 1988 a boater safety test must be completed prior to jet ski rental. Please complete the online test at or at

How many people can ride on a Waverunner?

Each WaveRunner is sized for three people, or 400 pounds maximum. It is more enjoyable to only have 2 adults at a time.

Where do I go to check in for my jet ski rental?

The GPS address is: 141 S. Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach Fl 33401. Please arrive 30 mins prior to your rental time and check in with the Jet Ski staff directly on the dock.

How many jet skis can I rent at a time?

There are four jet skis on the dock for rent. Please call 561-881-9757 if you would like to request more skis to rent (prior notice needed).